Vista Home Premium will not boot up

  trevorp5 18:46 19 Jan 09

O.S. Vista Home Premium. My machine has been running fine for months including last nite - but on starting this am message appeared \BOOT\BCD not found - error code 0xc000000f. Loaded Vista disk,selected repair startup problems, which reported ok, on restart still same message - I then left system disk in drive, tried restart - ignored message Boot from CD - system starts and runs ok, but will not start without system disk in drive. When started ok I did system restore to a week ago, which completed ok, but on restart would not start without system disk.Mobo is Asus P5N-E SLI,Disk is 500Gb Maxtor Sata2,4Gb Kingston PC6400 ( checked and ok) and E6750 Processor.No new progs or hardware have been loaded. Virus scans report normal. Help Please !!

  trevorp5 20:01 19 Jan 09

I have solved this problem - somehow the Boot Sequence got screwed up - system was trying to booot from Floppy Drive - (don't have one !)Now sorted into correct order and all working fine.
Many Thanks and Regards to all. trevorp5

  trevorp5 09:34 24 Jan 09

Hi all
Thought this problem was solved - Not so -First start in am message BOOT\BCD not found displays again.I Press A C D, F8,reset correct boot order - have disabled floppy drive in BIOS, starts up ok, can restart 2/3 times that day no problem, but next morning does not boot - says BOOT\BCD not found again.I have loaded default BIOS configuration but boot order changes! No new progs or hardware have been loaded. Virus scans (AVG & AVAST) report normal.

Mobo is Asus P5N-E SLI,Disk is 500Gb Maxtor Sata2,4Gb Kingston PC6400 (checked and ok) and E6750 Processor.

  rdave13 11:59 24 Jan 09

I don't know if this is the root of your problem but never have two antivirus programs installed. They will conflict and create problems." (AVG & AVAST)".

  trevorp5 12:29 24 Jan 09

Thanks rdave13
Don't have two installed, was using AVG, did full scan - nothing reported, uninstalled AVG, installed Avast, did full scan , also nothing reported. Am totally mystified

  anskyber 12:41 24 Jan 09

Any help? click here

  trevorp5 14:27 24 Jan 09

Tnx anskyber - appreciate your help. Had already tried options 2 and 3. Have just used option 1, Rebuild BCD - message said completed successfully. Machine has started normally, from both Restart and after Shutdown 5 times now. Fingers crossed all ok in morning.Regards trevorp

  trevorp5 00:25 25 Jan 09

After Using Vista Disk to attempt repair of boot-up problem by rebuilding BCD machine restarted 5 times with no problem. After leaving off for 5 hours and starting machine problem has returned- message \BOOT\BCD not found - error code 0xc000000f. Machine has 2 SATA disks - C is Maxtor, D is Western Digital -On entering BIOS found that in Bootup Priority D had been moved to disk 1, and C in disk 2 position therefore BCD could not be found.Reset correctly, saved changes, machine started normally. Cannot understand why BIOS config gets changed after machine switched off for a few hours - after BCD rebuild, system restore,and automatic repair using system disk.

  mooly 07:52 25 Jan 09

Backup battery on the motherboard ? just a thought !

  2bathred 17:14 28 Jan 09

this was one of the symptoms on my machine. Added to which I got odd restarts but after I changed the PSU,upping the power,all probs disappeared.

  trevorp5 15:47 01 Feb 09

Many thanks to all for your assistance. Think problem is resolved - machine has been running ok for last three days. Not sure what actual cause was, but I stripped machine, reseated memory, all cards, replaced all sata cables,power supply uprated, rechecked everything, and rebuilt machine. Has been booting up normally since.
Tnx again. Regards to all.

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