Vista Home Basic + 512MB

  Bit o' cheese 04:22 14 Apr 07

Is anyone using Vista Home Basic on a machine with 512MB RAM (DDR PC3200)?

Does it run OK?


  Dorkins 06:29 14 Apr 07

Runs ok but in my opinion slow.

  tullie 08:32 14 Apr 07

On a recently purchased laptop,i had 512 ram,it coped,but only just,so i installed another 1gb stick,now its fine

  tb64 20:41 14 Apr 07

Mine runs fine with 512Mb but I can't tell of course if it would run better with more (?)

If I can find a 'readyboost' compatible USB key cheap enough then I will try that before buying more RAM.

  CodenameCueball 10:46 15 Apr 07

i run vista ultimate on 512mb of ram with a cheap grapics card. if vista ultimate runs on 512mb well the basic will be good.

  rodriguez 17:36 15 Apr 07

I'm running Ultimate on a 512 MB machine and it runs perfect. The CPU is a Celeron 2.4 Ghz but the graphics card is only a GeForce 4 so the Aero Flip 3D effect isn't supported. If you have a card that supports the Aero effects then it should run without any problems.

  setecio 09:24 17 Apr 07

So if a 512MB 2.4Ghz celeron had a decent graphics card then Vista Ultimate would run fine including aero ?
Interesting as I have heard people say that the graphics card is the main requirement for Aero and flip3D, and yet Microsoft (who are well known for saying an absolute minimum req) say 1GB ram is needed. Also, Dell don't sell any of their basic machine (and add a good graphics card) with the home premium option.

So would everything in Ultimate work Ok on 512MB (with a good GPU) ?

  CodenameCueball 14:02 21 Apr 07

it would as i can run aero ok with 512mb

  CodenameCueball 10:22 28 Apr 07

dell know people want premium, so they make people get 1gb to jack up their profits

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