Vista Drivers

  Chris-347369 19:47 PM 21 Dec 06

I have Vista on pre-order so hopefully it'll be turning up at the beginning of Feb.

I've heard that when you install Vista it will automatically download and install all the drivers it needs from the net.

Is this true or when I do a clean install will I need to have my MB chipset and graphics card drivers etc on disk?

  Chris-347369 12:21 PM 23 Dec 06

Anyone know?

  mattyc_92 12:58 PM 23 Dec 06

The last 'Release Candidate' I used (RC1) didn't have this feature.

So if it does feature does exist, then they have either only recently applied it to the BETA testers or are 'reserving' the feature for the full release

  mattyc_92 12:59 PM 23 Dec 06

'So if it does feature does exist'

supposed to read:
'So if this feature does exist'

  Forum Editor 14:07 PM 23 Dec 06

and download any drivers that aren't in its database - if they exist, that is.

When the installer starts to run it will warn you that it will need to go online during the installation process, so make sure your computer is connected to the internet before you start.

  Chris-347369 18:45 PM 23 Dec 06

Just what I needed to know! That should cut down on the post-installation tasks when setting up Windows!


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