Vista and BT Voyager 2000

  penholder 19:14 10 Jan 08

Can anyone tell me if Vista will work with a BT Voyager 2000 Router as I cannot get my laptop to connect to it?

Laptop is HP with Broadcom wireless adaptor.

  Ashrich 22:37 10 Jan 08

If there is any problem it will be with the Broadcom adapter and drivers , not Vista , make sure , as the 2000 is wireless b only , that your wireless adapter is configured to use at least 802.11 b and g and not "g " only . Also try temporarily disabling the wireless security and see if it can connect then , try again temporarily disabling the firewall on the laptop to see if that makes a difference . Does the laptop " see " the Voyager when scanning for networks ? Try rebooting ( power off then , after 30 seconds , on again ) let it settle , then try connecting again . One more question , and I apologise if it seems like I am teaching my granny to suck eggs , but is the wireless adapter actually turned on ? Strange , but it does happen ( I bet we've all done it at sometime !! )


  penholder 17:35 12 Jan 08

Hi Ashrich. I'll try all that you suggest. The laptop does not "see" the network when scanning, just all the others nearby. I have already tried the re-booting. The adaptor is "on" but I know what you mean. I have in the past not switched something on when I should have!

  Ashrich 20:43 12 Jan 08

Make sure that the SSID is being broadcast by the router , otherwise it will never be seen by the laptop .


  moobaleemoo 09:58 13 Jan 08

Hi I had the same problem. I contacted BT voyager tech centre, they where very helpful and talked me through the setting on the BT Voyager home page http//:
They adjust the settings so i can now pick up my vista laptop, only problem is the settings dont pick up my XP laptop now. Hope this helps

  penholder 17:13 13 Jan 08

Ashley and moobaleemo
The SSID is being broadcast as another laptop which uses the same type of Broadcom wireless adaptor and Windows XP, picks up the router. Mind you this did take along while to set up correctly.
Perhaps I need to take moobaleemoo's advice and contact the BT Voyager helpdesk. But then I might get the vista laptop working and not the Windows laptop!

  penholder 21:13 17 Jan 08

Now have instructions from BT. They confirm that Voyager 2000 is compatible with Vista and suggest changing the channel and I should find one that works. We'll see, and I'll let you know the outcome

  penholder 20:47 29 Feb 08

Have changed channel and the Vista PC works, as do both the wireless XP PCs.

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