vista backup ? are they compressed

  acein1 17:48 19 Apr 08

hi ,using windows "vista" backup,to backup my drive "25gb",when i checked the external drive the i backed up to i shows "4gb" ??? is this right,??dose the "windows vista backup" realy compress this much many thanks for any ideas

  anskyber 17:54 19 Apr 08

Yes it does compress.

Unless I have misunderstood if your HDD is 25GB but only partially used it will only need to "copy" the used portion and compress it.

  anskyber 17:57 19 Apr 08

Look at this example and the comment

"to backup my 26GB installation. The first two DVDs were filled at 4.37GB while the third required only 568MB, which comes out to about 9GB -- not a bad compression ratio."

click here

  acein1 18:09 19 Apr 08

having read from the "caveats",u quote,
" Another thing to keep in mind is that Complete PC Backup and Restore is not included with Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Home Premium."
im confused,will this "vista" backup do in place of my "acronis true image",that i have always used prior to getting "vista",thanks for your help

  anskyber 19:08 19 Apr 08

If you have Basic or Premium then no, it only does files not the OS.

You will still need Acronis.

  acein1 19:17 19 Apr 08


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