LANDCRUISER 23:55 14 May 07

Hi,i tried to connect my archos 500 media player to vista but vista would not show it as a external hard drive like xp would,any ideas how i can resolve this,i also wanted to do a complete back up on my archos of vista using ghost 10,will norton ghost work on vista

cant help you with the media player but ghost 10 doesnt work im afraid.

  LANDCRUISER 00:02 15 May 07

hi adman2,that is bad news,what will do the backup,i notice that vista has a back up program will it do a complete back up

home premium does, takes a while, and i had a couple of failed messages about 30 minutes through! but it does back up. the upgrade advisor told me ghost 10 would cause problems, i never actually tried it

  LANDCRUISER 12:11 15 May 07

that good news that vista will back up the lot save me from buying an other program, any body have any information on the archos problem,why will it not see it as drive.

  tufti 19:33 15 May 07

I have an av 400 series archos which works fine and is recognised as JUKEBOX when I plug in the usb cable.I found the archos help number was very good when I had a HD problem some time ago, perhaps you could try them.

  tufti 19:47 15 May 07

Sorry I meant to say I have not installed any archos software, only plugged it into Vista and it was found.

  LANDCRUISER 23:19 15 May 07

yes this is what i did with xp & it work well but for some reason its not showing on vista pc,is there somthing on vista i need to do?

  Tim1964 23:44 15 May 07

You could check the Archos website on their support pages for any updated drivers but I suspect (like my digital cameras and mp3 players) if they are more than a week old then no chance.....

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