Vista 64bit, Internet Explorer 64bit & Java

  Audio~~Chip 02 Sep 09

I have Vista Premium 64bit and have noticed I have 2 Internet Explorers in my Vista Program list on the Start Menu one says Internet Explorer 64bit ! ok why 2 browsers

I am also putting on Java and it detects I have 2 Internet Explorer's and says I should install both Java 32bit & Java 64bit

Is this correct to have 2 Internet Explorers and also have to install Java 32bit and a 64bit version ?

  Audio~~Chip 02 Sep 09

Power DVD v5 is compatible with Vista but not sure on Premium 64bit and still not got anywhere with Nero v7 Essentials.

  Teaboy 02 Sep 09


what you have is-both 32bit and 64bit browsers. Hence you have to download java in each browser for java to be effective.

I have the same problem.

  Teaboy 02 Sep 09


Upon reflection I should have added that Java is a Browser add on, being the reason for each IE to have its own Java.

Incidentally the downloading works well.

  Audio~~Chip 02 Sep 09

Thing is now not sure which Browser I had open as I have already just installed the 32bit java. Think it was in the first non 64bit.

Is their really a difference in working with 32 & 64 bit internet exlorer ? will take a look if anything looks different.

  Teaboy 03 Sep 09


If you click on (?) in the browser tool bar (any).Then click on about internet exployer it will tell you which browser you are using. Either 64bit or cypher strength 256-bit, which is the 32bit version.

The only difference twixt the two seems to be that 64bit doesn't accept all add-on's. for example I like iespell-to check my spelling. It downloaded OK in the 32bit, but not in the 64bit. Hence I write all in the 32bit version.

I hope this helps.

I had Cyberlink installed on my 64bit ultimate. It worked OK but I didn't like it-took it out.

  sunnystaines 05 Sep 09

nero7 is problematic in vista, i ended up getting nero8 oem only about £5 [not using 64bit vista]


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