A virus locked my PC.

  george.costa 21:08 05 Jun 12

A virus captured the screen and a statement in english and german states: Please wait while the connection is being established.I keep pressing F2, F8 F12 Ctrl-O, but nothing happens.What else can I do?

  george.costa 23:38 05 Jun 12

It is the same virus that capture the screen with the 'PC locked by Police'

  chub_tor 17:53 06 Jun 12

Read and follow this link then run your virus checker and anti-malware software and reboot.

  annieluise 12:53 17 Aug 12

Have you identified the virus which locked your PC? I would recommend you to first identify the virus and then use an automatic worm removal tool to remove that virus from your PC. Because removing it manually might not be easy for a novice user. As in my case when my PC has been infected with W32.Guass then after searching on Net I used an automatic W32.Guass removal tool for removing it efficiently from my system. And now my PC is completely virus free. Here is the link : http://www.virusremoval-tool.net/remove-w32-guass-know-how-to-delete-w32-guass-safely-from-your-pc

  manoj9585 06:06 20 Aug 12

When you go to safe mode with command prompts type in MSCONFIG then click on start up tab then find which one is the most likeliest to be the malware unclick that box apply it then restart your pc. It should work as the one you unclick should be pretty obvious then see if your pc works and after download any malware program and scan your comp.sticker printing


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