Virginmedia and AVG/Norton

  belcanto 14:26 31 Jul 08

Hi all,

I have just had virginmedia broadband installed at home. My PC uses vista ultimate, and before I had the broadband I was using avg8 and zonealarm.

Now I am told that virginmedia is not compatible with them. There is PCguard on the wireless disk but as i do not know it-I am reluctant to install it.

I went onto ebay and brought a bona fida copy of Norton 2008. I assumed that I could install it on three PCs, but on one of them I cant run the virus scan. Can anyone tell me why?

Any help would be greatfully appreciated as I do need a compatible AV system.


  brundle 20:32 31 Jul 08

VirginMedia is not compatible with either? Or one in particular? Sounds like misinformation to me. If you have the latest versions there is no problem at all (a recent Microsoft update knobbled the previous version of ZoneAlarm). Don't whatever you do install PCGuard, and I would stick with your current choice over Norton.

  polish 22:16 31 Jul 08

i was using avg free and comodo firewall free with no problems with virgin media have since used mcafee security suite but barclays now supply kaspersky security suite with there online banking and this seems very good i think you may have been given the wrong information

  gazzaho 01:20 01 Aug 08

I recently bought a new system which came with AVG free installed and I used it for a day or so before installing F-Secure, the security software I have subscribed to, and it worked perfectly well with VirginMedia. I can't speak for PCguard as I've never used it, but I can say that Norton is definitely out as far as I'm concerned, I had nothing but trouble with it in relation to interfering with other programs and also hogging resources and slowing down my notebook system.

  jaritch 08:20 01 Aug 08

I use both AVG 8 and Zonealarm with vista and Virgin Media, so there will be no problems. I do know that the PC Guard that they include used to be a terrible piece of kit which many people had big problems with. It may be different now.

  belcanto 10:04 01 Aug 08

Hi there everyone,

Thanks for the advice, I have already paid for and installed the norton so I am stuck with it. I have ironically enough figuared out now what it was that I was doing wrong. is a resource hog as has been pointed out, but there is no way I can get my money back now.


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