virgin broadband disabled on start-up

  Seth Haniel 18 Nov 09

Windows 7 installed (on top of Vista home) - but everytime pc booted up now there is no Broadband connection - diag,. finds nothing -- going and disable and then enable connection gets it going - till next time its switched on.

so much for 24/7 connection!!!

  User-1229748 18 Nov 09

do you have the automatically detect settings checked in tools-internet options-connections-lan settings.what i have noticed with windows 7 if i turn router off and then back on again i have to launch internet explorer before a connection is reported in the notification icon.i'm with virgin national.

  Seth Haniel 18 Nov 09

will look tonight

  Seth Haniel 18 Nov 09

this is something to do with pc start - have to disable then enable to get connection ??

  gazzaho 19 Nov 09

Do you have a router connected? Does the Internet work when you bypass the router and plug directly into the modem?

I had a problem a few days after installing Windows 7, I don't know if one is related to the other or not but my router refused to work with the DHCP auto configure settings. I had to enable the Clone MAC address in order to get it working, something I never had to do before. I bought a new draft N router a few days later and again I couldn't get it to work unless MAC cloning was enabled so it's not related to the router itself. I'm wondering if Virgin Media has made any changes or if Windows 7 has changed the IP address of the computer. I do know that the IP address displayed in the router MAC entry field was different than the current one. Perhaps Windows 7 changed the IP address.

  Seth Haniel 04 Dec 09

after weeks of not connecting

so no answers really


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