Viewing my Photo's.

  kenny55 15:45 11 Jan 13

Can anybody explain why when i just want to view my photo's they show normal size followed by a smaller version? Also where is the spell checker. Thanks

  chub_tor 19:22 11 Jan 13

How are you viewing your photos? Is it via the Windows 8 App or via Explorer on the Desktop?

  kenny55 14:25 13 Jan 13

Hi, Windows 8 app.

  kenny55 18:45 19 Jan 13

hi, this is not resolved, pressed the resolve button by mistake. Any advise would be appreciated. thanks carolyn

  rdave13 21:04 19 Jan 13

You can just untick the green tick again. I only use skydrive in the photos app, but if you use these social network sites within the app, it might be normal?

  chub_tor 14:18 20 Jan 13

I have just looked at Setting in the Win8 Metro App and cannot see why you are getting both small and large photos. Have you looked at your Photo App settings to see which sources are being supplied to the App? Mine has only Pictures Library ticked but there is also an option to tick SkyDrive, Flickr and Facebook - perhaps they are the source of the thumbnails.

Spell checker for Photos, what relevance has this? For labeling perhaps?

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