using the evaluation to bridge the gap to release?

  jp29 02 Sep 12

I will soon be getting a new laptop without an installed OS (and so a blank SSD). Should I buy a copy of Win7 and then use the £15 upgrade option or would burning an image of the Win8 evaluation from here and using the free trial of the software to fill the gap between now and release be a smarter option? The reason for this would be cost, a copy of Win7 plus the upgrade package would be ~£90 where trial of Win8 plus a preordered copy of Win8 would be £50. Anyone have any better ideas? I didn't consider piracy as a viable option...

Thanks :)

  tigertop2 02 Sep 12

Suggest you read some of the reactions to Windows 8 in this and other Forums and then make up your mind if W8 is for you. Some like it but the overwhelming response, as far as I can judge--and I have tried the pre release versions, is it is a most unwelcome introduction by Microsoft for a number of reasons. These include the rather silly step to remove the simplest of everyday PC requirements, the 'Start' button and the failure to include Windows Media Centre as standard but there are others. Probably the greatest irritation is forgetting that touch screens for desktop users are hardly a cheap or ergonomically desirable alternative.
The laptop/desktop as we know it in Windows 7 and other OS's will remain a preferred option for most of us for many years to come . Maybe merging the ways we use tablets phones and desktops has some merit but this is not the way to tackle that. I personally am keeping fingers crossed that Windows 9 will bring some sanity back into the Microsoft OS world and its release will not be long delayed.

  morddwyd 02 Sep 12

I already have two touch screen laptops, but I wouldn't consider Win 8 for an instant, even though one of them qualifies for a free upgrade.

  jp29 05 Sep 12

pre-post i'd only read the editors review, which seemed positive. having read the user opinions going around, i think its certain to say that microsoft my keep windows 8 for themselves.. thanks for the help, muchly appreciated

  jp29 05 Sep 12

*'expert' review


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