USB Hard Drive not seen in Vista (was working)

  Was Bike Bloke 07 Mar 09

USB Hard Drive not seen in Vista (was working)

I have a problem with my LaCie USB hard drive running with Vista on a Dell Inspiron 9400.
It's been fine until last week and now is no longer listed in explorer, Device Manager or Disk Manager. The Laptop (Dell Inspiron 9400) chimes when it's connected/disconected but shows nothing.
It works fine on an XP laptop.
I finally used the XP Laptop to reformat it but that didn't help. I tried the 'delete infcache' solution listed elsewhere....nothing.
Tried deleting USB and drive files in Device Manager....nothing.
Tried various registry repair tools....nothing.
Tried emailing LaCie for help....they didn't bother replying!
Anyone got any new ideas????

  gazzaho 09 Mar 09

It might be worth checking if you intalled an optional update from Vista Update called Cypress - Other Hardware - Cypress AT2LP (3.03.0000.2). This update stopped one of my drives from working similar to your problem. The only way to get my system to recognise my drive was to do a System restore to before the update was installed.

I've read that it can be uninstalled from the device manager but the update never showed up on my system anywhere after installation, the only way for me was the restore option.

  m.hazelton@live. 09 Mar 09

Thanks Gazzaho but I can't to a system restor. tried several times but fails every time. Couldn't find the Cyprus update either.
Thanks for trying.
be well

  igk 17 Mar 09

I had the same problem recently with a usb pendrive and found the cause was I had disabled the autorun feature you could check to see if this is the problem,go to control panel,programes,default programes,change autoply settings and ensure there is a tick in "use autoplay for all media and devices"
As soon as I did this all was ok.
Hope this helps.

  m.hazelton@live. 17 Mar 09

The Cyprus solution worked. Found the update in the Device manager under USB drivers. Deleted it and all OK.
Thanks all


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