US version of Vista

  Truronian 13:51 PM 21 Dec 06

In view of the price differences between US and UK sellers of Vista, is there a problem with buying it in the US while I am on holiday over there?

  brundle 17:49 PM 21 Dec 06

I'd like an answer to this too so


Hoping to get a friend in the US to order and ship it;
Without Vista prices being available, I did a comparison with XP Pro - PCWorld in the UK do XP Professional for £260, and at CircuitCity in the US it's $300, or £152 at the current exchange rate - they are just an ordinary high-street chain like PCWorld.

  Truronian 19:48 PM 21 Dec 06

.. was about compatability between Vista sold for use in the US and Vista sold for use in the UK. I accept that there may be a problem if it needs returning or if there is a guarantee problem. What about compatability?

  anskyber 08:08 AM 22 Dec 06

I have spoken to someone in the States who is working in IT.

He has said what I expected, any PC can be set up for any region with the same key.

  chub_tor 10:12 AM 22 Dec 06

There is no technical problem with importing US Software such as Vista onto a UK based PC. I do it all the time. but remember that US prices as advertised do not usually include the local sales tax. These vary from state to state but are typically 8.5% which must be paide at the point of sale. So a $300 ticketed item will actually cost the purchaser $325.50. As for importing it when you return you run the risk (albeit a small on) that if you are picked up by customs and you exceed their limit on imported goods - currently £136 or roughly $250) then not only will you be liable to pay the 17.5% VAT on the goods you may well also be fined.


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