Upgrading Soon to Win 7

  Khyron 19:13 14 Jul 10

I am going to upgrade to Windows 7 soon and I'm just wondering how difficult it will be (or how many headaches it will give me...lol !). I am currently running a Vista Home Premium SP2 64 bit OS, my PC has a 500GB HD (Pentium dual core 2.50GHz) with 4GB RAM and a P5N73-AM motherboard. What would be the best way to go about installing it. I can back up all personal files and data to my external drive so I'm not worried about that, but will I have to uninstall and then re-install my current programs. Any insight would be welcomed....Thanx

  john bunyan 21:47 14 Jul 10

I had XP SP3 until Christmas. Then I bought W 7. I wanted to use the Media Centre so bought Ultinate, but Home Premium woulld do it. I did run dual boot XP and W7 for a few weeks but soon ditched XP. Imade a copy and an image of my data - my HD was partioned C for Programmes, and F: for data, on to an external HD (basically "My Documents" ) then I also saved my e Mail folders by exporting them. THen I formatted the main HD , doing a clean install of W7 (still with 2 Partitions) Then reinstalled software - bought ATI 2010 and Roxio 2010. You will need to decide what e Mail system, as W7 does not have Outlook Express. I used Outlook 2007. Then downloaded drivers for hardware, then copied "My Documents" to F: partition, and imported e Mail stuff and, "Favourites etc. With hindsight I would not have bothered with the dual boot phase. I thik there are other methods where windows will keep old stuff, but I can only say what I did.MS update advisor will tell you if your hard and software is OK. Allow a day!!

  ams4127 21:55 14 Jul 10

I disregarded all advice and upgraded from Vista 64 to Win7 64. I imaged the drive just in case things went awry. The upgrade went perfectly and all my programmes and applications worked perfectly straight away. I upgraded a few drivers over the next few months and ditched the Vista image.

I have never had a BSOD and the machine has only locked up twice (cured by a quick reboot).

I have a lot of spare space on my HDDs so one day, when I'm bored, I will do a clean install (and dual boot) on a different disk and see what the difference is (if any).

Good luck.

  chub_tor 09:08 15 Jul 10

I have performed in place upgrades from Vista to Win7 (both 32 and 64 bit) on five different machines now and each upgrade has been flawless and I have not needed to use the data backups that I have made. Run the Win7 Advisor beforehand and it will point out any software pitfalls and tell you what should be uninstalled and re-installed afterwards.

  Migwell 23:21 22 Jul 10

Best days work I ever did regarding computers was to upgrade to win 7. I did a clean install on my laptop and did an upgrade on my old tower. After that I bought a new tower with win7 64 bit installed and have never looked back. None of the computers have been any trouble since that day. I also had tried to network two computers with win XP without any success, now with win 7 I set up a home user group and have all three computers on the internet and printing to, two central printers. I would not like to go back to XP or even Vista which gave a lot of trouble. So all I can say is just get on with it you will be happy when you are up and running.

  Strawballs 04:45 24 Jul 10

If you upgrade from Vista when finished you will find a file in documents called old windows with all your settings favourite etc.

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