upgrading sony laptops & windows 7

  sunnystaines 02 Sep 09

our 3 year old sony laptop a vgn-fe21B runs XP media centre.

the laptop has passed the w7 suitability scan.

now divers dont know a lot about drivers and laptops but do i need anything more than graphics driver go7400,intel wifi 3945abg, sigma audio onboard ICH7.

would I need anything else like sony drivers or chipset drivers?
sony support never reply to emails, sony store do not recommend O/S upgrades.

  bremner 02 Sep 09

You will find that W7 will come with many drivers.

However Vista drivers will work with W7 and click here for some you may require.

  sunnystaines 02 Sep 09

thanks for the link sony never update their driver webpage, never knew the graphics were sony adapted ones as were the sound ones.

looks a bit of a gamble then with W7 on drivers.

  bremner 02 Sep 09

"looks a bit of a gamble then with W7 on drivers"

I think it will be far less of an issue than it was when Vista came out and will really only be for 64 bit and older computers and peripherals.

  mooly 03 Sep 09

I think I would do as bremner suggests and download the Vista ones. Put them on a flash drive so they are handy, not an SD card as you may need a driver before that will work lol.
Nvidia GO graphics drivers are a real pain. You may well find W7 offers a suitable one as you install and update it.
And the card reader I mentioned, you may well need a driver for that, and it might be called something cryptic like PCMI Mass storeage device.
Web cams another possible issue.
Anything like a "launch manager" ? that will allocate correct functions to certain keys, volume brightness etc... that's another one.
I'm sure it will be fine... :) Just deal with each item in turn as W7 flags it as an issue.


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