Upgrade to Windows 7 or buy a new computer?

  FreddyNoFriends 03:50 21 Sep 11

Hi all

A (genuine!) copy of Windows7 will cost me £40 through a discount scheme.

However, I'm running am older machine with the following spec;

AMD Athalon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 4200+ 2.21 Ghz, A8N SLI deluxe mobo, 3GB RAM (4GB installed but XP only sees 3GB apparently), 1TB SATA HD, a second 500GB SATA as backup, 9800GT 512MB Graphics card, Creative X-FI audio 7.1., with Windows XP SP3 32bit.

I've run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor and it seems to be telling me that I can install Win 7 on this machine with no problem. My main reason for upgrading would be to allow me to run some of the newer games, in particular Battlefield 3, which requires DX11.

The first question is, is my system past it already and will Win7 eat up my system resources and make it impossible to run BF3 at decent frame rates?

An the second question is, although I run 32 bit WinXP the Microsoft upgrade advisor tells me I can install Windows 7 64 bit. Is that right, and would that make any difference?


  a member 08:46 21 Sep 11

windows advisor is right ,you have a 64bit processor and it will then also use all of your 4gb of ram too . while your machine is not state of the art for these days ,it will run windows 7 reasonably well ,its not such a resource hog as Vista before it . your only possible stumbling block will be the graphic card , if you update to windows 7 ,that supports the latest DX11 your old card will almost certainly not .and if its an onboard card (built in) your stuck . run belarc advisor (its free) google it and download it ,it will tell you what you have installed ,and give some advice tips too .

  a member 08:48 21 Sep 11

sorry i should have realized you have a removble card ,then it should be no problem .

  FreddyNoFriends 20:00 21 Sep 11

Cool - thanks Merlinx. If I go for Windows 7 the plan is to upgrade the graphics card too. I simply wasnt sure if my relatively old 2.21Ghz dual core processor would bottleneck performance thus making it a waste of time, though it sounds like you dont think it will. Maybe there's some life left in the old dog yet... Thanks


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