upgrade to vista ???

  stephen1978 20:34 20 Jun 08

if i wanted to upgrade from xp to vista could i buy "flash drive's" to upgrade my memory instead opening the laptop or pc??

  sunny staines 21:10 20 Jun 08

you are better of with RAM go for 2g

  rdave13 22:22 20 Jun 08

Personally I don't think it's worth 'upgrading' a perfectly good PC with XP on it. Just my thoughts.
If you decide to upgrade then I'd go with sunny staines and upgrade ram to 2GB of ram before trying the upgrade. Good luck.

i have to agree with rdave13, if it's working ok with xp, there is no need to upgrade, if the pc is over 6 months old it will be a large downgrade in overall performance.

  Rob_08 02:25 21 Jun 08

Stick with XP, you wont regret it.

  LinH 09:25 21 Jun 08


No,it doesn't work like that, a flash drive cannot not take the place of RAM.

You are probably thinking of the Vista Readyboost feature, but even that is not true memory, it merely acts as a cache to make data access quicker.

Sorry, you will have to open up your pc. It's not difficult really, have a look on the net for related articles.


  stephen1978 18:45 21 Jun 08

cheers guys for for all the info

after reading wat you all wrote i think ill stick with xp on both the pc and laptop lol

if i buy more "RAM" and stick with xp will it help the pc and laptop run a little faster ????

thanx again :)

  anskyber 18:54 21 Jun 08


  bremner 19:44 21 Jun 08

Sorry but Vista does allow a USB device to act as RAM it is called ReadyBoost click here

i would read linH's thread again.

  LinH 22:56 21 Jun 08


I think you may have misread my thread, but even so, Readyboost is not, and was not designed to be, an alternative to RAM, it is a form of cache memory only.

Sorry, but we will have to differ on this one.


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