Uninstall Win 8 DP

  sharpamat 12 Nov 11

When installing the DP i installed it in its own partion hence it was set up as a duel boot. Having finished what I wanted to try dispite all the information that it could not be removed. I found no problems at all in doing this. The method I used was. 1 First I removed the Boot loader for the Duel Boot. Select the run command and enter msconfig inStartmenu when the box opens select boot this will show the boot options, deleat the preview option. which will require a reboot.

2 Booting to the default OS ( Win 7 in my case ) Open my computer and format the partion used for win 8

  sharpamat 12 Nov 11

It should be made clear that whilst this worked for me in view of other posting and the answers they were given there is no guarantee it will work for them

  lotvic 12 Nov 11

Thanks for that, very clear and makes perfect sense to me. As you say (in other threads) it depends on how you've installed W8 DP. Your way (dual boot) seems to be good idea to try it out and should be easy to remove.

I favour the completely separate HDD (not dual boot) as didn't want to risk messing up my main HDD. I may get more adventurous now. I can always put my Acronis .tib image back on if I do get problems.


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