Unexpected shutdown of windows while using pc.

  pathak.animator 11 Mar 13

I am using wondows7 ultimate and it works very nicw but before a year i was bugged of the unexpected shutdown of windows. It was gone automatically but now also it started giving problem. While using my comp. it gets shutdown automatic and i have scaned whole system with diffrt diffrnt antivirus but no virus is there and even i formatted the comp but this problem is there of shut down. Some random no comes in any search box like if m using internet it comes in search web like that and then system goes in sleep mode some times and gets shut down sometime. whats the problem with my system?

  chub_tor 12 Mar 13

Unexpected shutdowns can have a variety of causes. You say that you have checked for viruses, have you also checked for Malware and Spyware? If not download the free version of Malwarebytes. Assuming that the machine is clean and dust free so that overheating is ruled out then memory is the most common culprit Click Here for how to run a memory test. If that is clear then the next most likely cause is the power supply and there is no easy test for that other than substitution with a known good unit.

  serge75 28 Apr 13

@pathak.animator Hi, Did you solve your problem ? I am getting the same nowadays on new PC. I have re-installed W7, but that's the same. Windows are shutting down, but not closing the program, was it the same phenomenon ? If you found a solution, thanks to communicate ii in answer. Serge ([email protected])

  VASHU 08 Jun 13

according to me it's not system error.it is ur problem please tell me what u were ding when it turned off.


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