Unable to send E:Mails

  ol blueeyes 17:14 06 Feb 10

550 RCPT TO [email protected] Relaying not allowed - please use SMTP AUTH

I use microsoft Outlook and for the past 4/5 weeks can receive but not send E:Mails currently using MS Office 2003 Pro but have tried MS Office 2010 Beta both with identical results.
At first was told by my ISP (o2) that it was a fault of their server (which some members of their staff denied) For the first couple of weeks it was only intermittant but now it is a permanent situation. Have check rechecked rechecked rechecked my Setting up and all is Ok infact have had it checked by several others and they agree it is OK.

When setting up E:Mail Settings the TEST Message is sent Ok and received Back Ok.
Have just been on to o2 again (probably the 6/7th time) and they agree all my settings are correct.
When I attempt to send an E:Mails a message comes back as follows "" 550 RCPT TO [email protected] Relaying not allowed - please use SMTP AUTH""
When I spoke to the Manufacturer of my PC (it is only 7/8 weeks old) they said they had never seen that message before.

Of course went went through the setup again and they agreed I had done correctly.
Anyone got any ideas please.

My 'phone Bill is going up and up and up.

  JohnWilliams 20:27 06 Feb 10
  Pine Man 09:02 07 Feb 10
  ol blueeyes 09:23 07 Feb 10

John Williams & Pine Man

Thanks for those links will study and work on them

In 20 years of PC work never come across this before. I've had some 6 ISP's and never had this before.

Interestingly as you are aware when somebody posts an answer to your problem you get an E:Mail but in both your cases I did not. But I am still receiving other E:Mails.

Always a problem

Will let you know in due course outcome


  ol blueeyes 11:28 08 Feb 10


Pine Man

Well surprise surprise all of a sudden it started working. Don't know why but it has.
When I spoke to o2 again they had never heard of the problem but having made a study of this and seen many question being asked on several Forums that I doubt

Thanks again

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