unable to save in JPEG Image from this website

  Probabilitydrive 20:17 02 Oct 07

It all starts with this website 'intelligent image resizing' click here

Upload a picture, it automatically resizes it(according to your parameters) and you can save it...alas, I cant. and I need advice here.

I'm running Vista + Firefox.

When I save a (reseized) picture in 'picture' folder it does not display any file association. It just says 'file' and the thumbnail picture remains white.

I can alter it by opening it in 'paint', renaming it and saving it than as a JPEG image.

This is far too cumbersome.
How do I save an image in jpg format from this website without the need of using 'paint'?

Can you recreate this on your Vista machine??

  Probabilitydrive 07:03 03 Oct 07

X7-250 thanks. I saved the picture by adding jpeg to the filename as suggested and it worked perfectly.

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