Unable to open .dtp file

  bari 28 Feb 13

Hi, in 2009 I created a file which I saved. Came across it today when having a clear out and tried to open it without success. I have tried scribus and a Serif dtp programme without success. I have used the file command in linux and have found out that it was made in a programme called Greenstreet publisher which I vaguely remember having on a laptop at the time. Can anyone suggest any other programme which would allow me to open this file and save it in a different format..

  rdave13 28 Feb 13

Try Greenstreet publisher. Unfortunately you might have to splash out a tenner, or so, from someone like Amazon, then convert to PDF, within the program. Which version is open to question. Typical of tec advances, leaves your back-ups useless at times.

  bari 01 Mar 13

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the version of Green Street being offered is unable to read older version .dtp files (that's progress for you). I had the original Green Street as a programme on an old laptop which has since gone, so it looks as if I am going to have to type the whole thing out again. Fortunately I still have the written copy and the photos. It was a account of a visit to Singapore and New Zealand with photos. Again thanks for trying to solve the problem.

  chub_tor 01 Mar 13

If you still have a printed rather than a handwritten copy you could always scan it and use an OCR programme then import it into a programme you use eg as a .doc or .pdf. That would save a lot of typing.


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