Unable to install flash player in Firefox

  Prospero 10:26 03 Feb 14

I am signed in as Administrator. On control panel, it still shows "User accounts and Family Safety" instead of just "User Accounts" I have run Firefox as administrator but still I do not have permission to install Flash Player. I have succeeded with Internet Explorer.

  northumbria61 12:35 03 Feb 14

You may find a solution here Flash Player

  Prospero 15:12 03 Feb 14

Thanks northumbria61, I've been there and followed the instructions. I still don't have permission.

  lotvic 19:40 03 Feb 14

Close pc down, take plug out of wall socket.

Hold in power button on tower for 30 seconds to clear the volatile memory.

Put plug back in wall socket and boot up pc.

Log in to your computer as an administrator and try again.

  Prospero 21:05 04 Feb 14

Sorry lotvic, That didn't work.

  lotvic 23:30 04 Feb 14

Control Panel, if it still shows "User accounts and Family Safety" instead of just "User Accounts" then you have not, as yet, successfully logged in as Administrator.

Is that the problem and what is happening?

  Prospero 08:20 05 Feb 14

Yes, lotvic, that is exactly what is happening. I am shown as administrator in Control Panel, and have set up a new admin account, but it always shows "User Accounts and Family Safety"

  lotvic 11:36 05 Feb 14

Turn off (move slider down to bottom) UAC (User Account Control)

ClickHere don't forget to reboot for the changes to take effect.

  Prospero 16:43 05 Feb 14

Thank you lotvic. I've turned off UAC as you suggested and still no luck. Perhaps I should have called this post "unable to become administrator" (I remembered to turn UAC back on again)

  lotvic 20:43 05 Feb 14

Yes I agree. Start a new Thread with that Title then it will attract helpers that have experience with that problem.

  woodchip 22:50 05 Feb 14

Type into Google Firefox Addons then look for Flash Player Plug-ins

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