Unable to download Windows Essentials

  belayer 19:11 23 Feb 14

I am trying in vain to download Essentials (I want re-install Windows Mail Live)and cannot to it.

On the Microsoft Website I click on the link 'Download Now' for the Essential Pack and absolutely nothing happens.

Any suggetions?

  belayer 19:58 23 Feb 14

More on this: I am actually unable to download anything, not just software updates, I cannot download pdfs or Word docs from websites, nothing at all. I can browse websites OK, so I know connection is OK and a different PC in the house is fine.

Is there a setting somewhere that prevents downloads?

  belayer 20:24 23 Feb 14

Problem all sorted, I think my good lady turned off the power5 at the mains half way through an automatic update!!!

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