hi had a load of elevation/ privledge problems with uac off, games downloaders etc. been using click here in quiet mode for a fortnight, in quiet mode it keeps uac on, but (admin accounts only) all pop ups dont happen it elevates to the admin so everything works as it should.
program is now digitally signed, you dont have to install it, but a good idea to save it to disc.
thought it might help some.

  rawprawn 20:36 28 Apr 08

Thank you for that adman 2, i will give it a whirl.

  sunny staines 20:44 28 Apr 08


  rawprawn 08:51 29 Apr 08

I am finding this add on very useful,it seems a very simple and worthwhile answer to the UAC problem.
thank you.

it does what it says, thanks for the feedback. i found it click here which has proved priceless info since my return to vista, link provided by major geeks forums.

  rawprawn 15:10 29 Apr 08

Thanks, bookmarked.

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