typing problems

  Gill Sepe 14:09 18 Apr 13

When I am typing, either a document or an email, for example, the cursor always randomly jumps to somewhere else in the document so I end up typing in the middle of a previous sentence. Also entire chunks of a document suddenly self delete without any key being touched. As I have a brand new laptop and it's the first time I've used Windows 8 I'm not sure whether is a windows 8 issue or a laptop fault.

  rdave13 16:47 18 Apr 13

I would suggest a hardware problem rather than software. As it's new I would return it as faulty or inform the seller of the problem.

  jaritch 07:16 19 Apr 13

I suggest you are perhaps touching the trackpad with your hands while typing. Check the settings and either decrease the sensitivity or turn off the feature which enables you to click by touching the trackpad.

  edwardsmithnice 06:18 20 Apr 13

In my opinion it might be some hardware problem of your keyboard maybe some keys remain stuck in the keyboard my advice is that you make a call to some experienced and highly qualified windows tech support team member for solving your problem.


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