turning w8 off or send to sleep

  sunnystaines 23 Jan 13

at the end of the day do you shut down as in prev windows or leave in the sleep mode with only the memory running in the background, till you use it next day.

just wondered what w8 users prefer.

  chub_tor 23 Jan 13

I also turn it off at night, as Jock1e says boot up is very fast for Win8 and I happen to think that a re-boot every now and then is a good thing as it clears out a bunch of temp files and some non-essential running processes. And I am glad I did the night before last as we had a powerful lighting and thunderstorm which might have affected the PC if I had left it on.

  rdave13 23 Jan 13

Never have liked 'sleep' mode or hibernate. Laptops set to shutdown if lid closed. Always shutdown desktop and as above Win 8 boots up faster than any previous Windows OS.

  sunnystaines 23 Jan 13

chub i can vouch for lightning frying a pc had it back in vista era. been reading loads on the web re w8, apart from metro squares looks good and limited mediaplayer.

  rdave13 23 Jan 13

sunnystaines , get to know the tiles before you mangle 8 with third party offerings. You might like the setup. I was sceptical at first but after a few hours of getting to know the OS I wouldn't dream of getting rid of the start page.

Some useful apps that work well on the Start page, G-Maps, Weather (for local or other places set), Photos, Reader, News, Maps, Notification of emails, but I open them in the desktop, Calendar and a bit of a favourite is Top Gear! Right click on blank space in the Start page then you can see all apps.

You can get Windows Media Centre free up to a certain time limit. Forgot what the limit is just google.

VLC player instead of Windows media player.

  Forum Editor 24 Jan 13

The Windows 8 shutdown process irritates some people.

If anyone is interested there's a neat little way of putting an instant shutdown button on the desktop.

  sunnystaines 24 Jan 13

thankyou for the feedback


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