Transfering Selected Files from USB

  Braniff 07 Dec 09


I bought a nes pc with windows 7. I am trying to copy files from my USB, but only want to copy a few files. When I plug it in the only option I can find is all of them will be moved?

  bremner 07 Dec 09

Hold down the cmd key and click on those you want to copy.

When you have all highlighted all you want either right click and choose copy or Go to Edit in the menu bar and choose copy.

Then go to the computer and paste the files where ever you want

  Pine Man 08 Dec 09

I think bremner means the Ctrl key.

  bremner 08 Dec 09

Of course you are right - thats from using a Mac all the time

  Braniff 08 Dec 09

It is the same when I try to copy pics from my camera and it gives no option for selecting pics or files I want to copy. I can't do any thing I want on this thing!!!!

  Braniff 08 Dec 09

I just want to plg camera in, sewlect what I want to copy to the flippin file I want the thing IN!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  Terry Brown 08 Dec 09

If it is the same as XP, do nott use the Camera software for downloading from your camera.

Instead plug in your camera, goto My Computer, where your camera will be seen as a new drive, select scanner wizard or word (your choice) and select the photo's you want.

You can select what you want, and where you want them saved.


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