transfering photos on to cd on vista

  LAPTOPBABE 09:17 23 Mar 07

Hi, My uncle is inexperienced on computers and asked me why when he tries to burn his own photos on to a cd, he gets a message to say that he has to insert a dvd instead. As i have never used vista and i live 115 miles away I can't really help him. He says he needs them on cd to give to others who can't play dvds. Can you help. What will the reason for this?

  anskyber 10:42 23 Mar 07

If he goes from "Pictures" (the Vista equivalent of "My Pictures" in XP) and highlights the pictures he wishes to burn then selects "burn" from the tool bar at the top the dialogue box comes up saying insert disc. It will burn a CD from there.

In the Windows programme "Windows Photo Gallery" if he tries the same it will select a DVD.

The most likely explanation is the preferences for the drive and programme have been set to DVD particularly if he has a new machine.

It is also possible he has a third party photo editing software with the machine which is set up for DVD.

  LAPTOPBABE 14:18 24 Mar 07

My uncle is going to 'pictures' and selecting 'burn' but when he puts a cd in the drive which is what he wants to use it says please put a dvd in. So can someone please tell me what he has to do to get to the preferences so he can change so he can burn to cd. I have tried getting him to right click on the drive, but he say there is nothing to change anything on that. He is not using any programme to burn with only what is installed on this Vista PC. If someone could give me step by step instructions as to how to change to burn to cd's i would be most grateful. Cheers

  anskyber 15:24 25 Mar 07

Can you ask him what he sees when he goes Start, Default Programs, (on the right of the start area)change Autoplay settings, and the entry for "blank CD" ?

  Taurus 16:30 25 Mar 07

Could it be that the software is asking for a DVD because the total size of the files he is trying to burn is greater than 700MB? (CD size)

  LAPTOPBABE 17:21 25 Mar 07

Could be i will check. Anyway don't worry anymore as a friend of his as put nero on for him so he will see when he has too many for a cd. Thanks for everybod's help on this one.

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