Too many administrators

  The Bard 30 Jun 12

My changeover from XP to 7 went relatively smoothly except for some administrator problems. Microsoft recommended setting up a new administrator account (administratornew) and transferring files to it.

I have now ended up with 3 administrator account - the original Xp, the new 7 and administratornew. Unfortunately the last still gives occasional problems with access permissions (mainly on system files) although I have given it full rights. Is there any way to combine all 3?

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

I assume you have a Dual boot system (Xp/7), perhaps if you delete the original Xp and 7 Accounts, you might then have just the new one, which you could rename to suit yourself - this might then cure the occasional problems in the new one.

Total guess only though, so first create a new system restore point!

  The Bard 30 Jun 12

No, single (7) boot only.

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

OK, so delete XP account and if it were me, I would also delete the 'new' account, just leave yourself with one account.

Having done that run Ccleaner, might fix a possible glitch in the Install of 7.

  difarn 30 Jun 12

It is always good practice to have more than one administrator account in case one becomes corrupt.

The attached article may help you to better understand Administrator Accounts and permissions.


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