There are 400Gb of 'unknown' files on my 500Gb drive

  jollyjosh00 15 Aug 12

My Computer indicates only 35Gb free on my drive, and dropping daily. WinDirStat shows 400Gb of 'unknown' files which I'm unable to delete (option greyed out). I have used various drive cleaners, done a chkdsk & a full system virus scan to no avail.........HELP please!

  difarn 15 Aug 12

You may find this article of interest.

  difarn 15 Aug 12

Should you find that WMP art cache is the culprit I have just come across this piece of advice:-

"I found an easier way (although it took about 12 hours to finally delete almost 30gb of .jpg files!).

I use Piriform's 'Ccleaner' and there is an item in the cleaner list called 'Custom Files and Folders'. If you check the box next to that, then go to 'settings' and 'include' and add the "windows\serviceprofiles\networkservice\appdata\local\microsoft\media player\art cache\localmls" to the list.

I removed the checks from all the other boxes in the cleaner list, then ran it. As I say, it took 12 hours to delete it all - but at the end of it, that folder is finally empty! When it finally finished, I rechecked the other stuff I usually clear out.

Now the advantages of doing it that way are that ccleaner doesn't stop responding with the task, which explorer did on my machine. Plus the setting is now there - no batch file necessary. It will clear the folder every time I run it."

  jollyjosh00 15 Aug 12

Thanks difarn, I'll check that out

  difarn 15 Aug 12

Forgot to mention that you may need to enable hidden files and folders if your Art cache appears "empty".

Control - type Folder Options, click on and go into View.

  john bunyan 15 Aug 12

Another suggestion is to download and use the free Treesize programme - quite useful anyway.Here it is:

Free Treesize


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