Text too small in programs like Incredimail

  Teddy Jeff 18 Oct 12

Can anyone please help I have my display setting so that my desk top icons are just right but when I open programs the text is almost too small to see, especially in Incredimail the email list is very small but when I open an email file the text is fine as I can enlarge it from a drop down pannel. I have windows7 and my monitor is 23.5" Samsung. Everything else is ok just the very small text is driving me mad.

  Nontek 19 Oct 12
  Sam478 19 Oct 12

You should try TrulyMail. It offers the ability to zoom the text when you are reading (and it can even read your message to you.

  rdave13 19 Oct 12

If you like Incredimail then I'd go with Nontek's suggestion. Right click the desktop and select 'personalize'. In the window select 'Display', bottom left, and select medium 125%. Log off and on. Your taskbar, gadgets and window headers will be slightly larger and you can't adjust. Your desktop icons you can resize however.

Left click once on any desktop icon then press and hold the CTRL key and with your mouse wheel roll forward or backwards to adjust the icon sizes.

Your incredimail text will be larger.

  D@ve 19 Oct 12

Try adjusting the DPI on your system.

Right click desktop, Personalize, Display (bottom left under See also), Set custom text size (DPI).

  D@ve 19 Oct 12

rdave13, my apologies - just realised that is what you have already suggested. I quickly scanned your post before I wrote mine, but I completely misinterpreted what you said!

  rdave13 19 Oct 12

D@ve , no apologies needed. More posts to help, even duplicated, means more help to the Thread Starter. That's the beauty of this PCA site. We all help in our way as an inclusive answer if you know what I mean. Glad you posted to help.

  Teddy Jeff 21 Oct 12

Thank you all for giving me the advice I have been away for a few days and just got back so I will now try what as been suggested. Thanks again


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