Task Scheduling In Vista

  J B 15:01 10 May 07

I am still getting to grips with Vista and was wondering what routine maintenance tasks should be set and how to do it. I have to get some disks to make a recovery disk and some other little things to go along with it so any suggestions would be appreciated.

A couple of other things, can anyone recommend a safe registry cleaner to use, already have Ccleaner installed but I'm loathed to use the issues feature. the other one is a good Spell Checker for IE7, preferably a free one. Thanks. J.B.

  J B 16:13 11 May 07

No interest. I smell the Brilliant book on Vista coming on me thinks. J.B.

  SteveWH 22:55 11 May 07

For spell check: click here

If you use Microsoft one care you can schedule all the routine tasks in one go there have been mixed reviews re its anti virus but it suits me.

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