System recovery disk

  visigoth 29 Jan 12

I recently bought a Dell computer with Windows 7 but did not include the option for a system recovery disc (= OS Media MUI Windows® 7 Home Premium (64 BIT) Resource DVD)

If I want to do a system recovery do I need to order this specific kind of disc from Dell or could I do it just using an ordinary DVD?

I have also seen some system recovery DVDs for sale on ebay for around £3 or less such as the below listing - would this be a viable option?


  ams4127 29 Jan 12

Firstly, don't go within a mile of any Win7 disks sold on Ebay. Do not even consider it.

Open Control Panel - Backup and Restore. Follow the instructions which will guide you through making a Win7 Boot/Repair disk. You will need a blank DVD.

If you need more help, then follow the appropriate tutorial below....

Win7 system boot disk

  sharpamat 29 Jan 12

Did you not get the option to make a recovery set of DVDs when you unpacked your dell. If not have a look in online Help and support. This normally requires more than 1 DVD my HP required 3 and I know others on the Forums have listed 3

If you cannot do this contact Dell they will tell you how and is required for a nominal fee will supply a set

  lotvic 29 Jan 12

You have to make your own, here is the Dell link ClickHere that tells you how. I presume all the W7 systems are like this now.

  visigoth 29 Jan 12

Thanks - I couldn't understand how an ordinary DVD would work as most Ive seen advertised are only 4.7GB. But I think sharpamat has answered that

Thanks again for your help

  jamesmartin86 07 Feb 12

Online backup services are a good way to have an offsite backup, but you must have a local backup too especially with large files because it might take several hours to recover your data in case of a hard drive crash. I use MYPCBackup, the service is reliable and not expensive.


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