System backup - Windows 8 et al

  junef 29 May 13

Although I back up my data and picture files regularly to an external hard drive, I have been told I should do a system backup. If so, I presume they mean the Windows 8 system, as I did not get any back up disks with my new laptop (Sony VAIO)OR do I back up the whole system? Can you tell me whether I should be doing this - which files and where they are located in File Explorer - How do I find out what size memory stick I will need?

  junef 30 May 13

Thanks Jock1e, but you are obviously better clued up than me. Presumably I save this externally, else there is little point in doing it. What will this 'recovery' action save? Will it save Windows and all my apps? Will I be able to specify destination drive/medium, and what sort of memory storage do I need - is a memory stick OK? I know this is like asking how long is a piece of string, but what size memory stick do I need to get - I have Windows 8 Microsoft Office, Photoshop, but little else.

  rdave13 31 May 13

Have a look at this Video tutorial. As you say backing up to another drive is best.

  rdave13 31 May 13

If it's just an image needed then control panel, Windows 7 file recovery, and on the left select Create System Image.


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