Surveys appear when I open new websites

  Charlie Babbage 14 Mar 13

My browser is Firefox, latest version.

Recently, many times when I open a new website, an online survey appears instead of going direct to the site I require. I run Norton AV. Is therree anything I can do to prevent these annoying surveys appearing?

  mole1944 15 Mar 13

Be warned look at the bottom of the page and read it well it locks you into paying money a monthly amount for something on an ongoing basis,you have been warned.

  difarn 15 Mar 13

Do you mean that you are just receiving pop-up surveys? They are not demanding anything from you and you can click to cancel them? If so you can enable pop-up blocker in Firefox.

Launch Firefox
Tools - Options - Content - click the box next to "Block pop-up window" 
Click ok.
  Charlie Babbage 15 Mar 13

Many thanks Difan.

These surveys are not exactly pop-ups but display as a new webpage. Sorry, they are difficult to describe!

  rdave13 15 Mar 13
  difarn 16 Mar 13

Do you by any chance have the extension that apparently can cause this problem?

Have you tried changing your home page in Firefox?

  Charlie Babbage 16 Mar 13

Here is an example of a survey which has appeared

I originally visited, clicked the 'Shop' link at the top of their home page and then got the survey. Most annoying!

  rdave13 16 Mar 13

Check your program and features list carefully for something you're not sure of. Could be Babylon, Browser Protect, Yontoo, Delta or something else. It sounds as it's a browser hijacker. Check your add-ons in Firefox, including extensions to see if anything there. I would also open Internet Explorer and check add-ons.


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