Super-slow start-up on new Dell 660 desktop

  deedeedee 08 Jan 13

How can I improve the start-up time on this brand new Dell computer? It takes almost 2 minutes before Windows 7 even begins to load. Something is clearly wrong. There are hardly any devices attached ([printer, wireless mouse & keyboard, and an external hard drive for back-up), and no bells and whistles at all, not even a word processing program yet. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks! - Deedeedee

  rdave13 08 Jan 13

Try booting without the external drive connected. Once running then connect the drive. It might be set to boot from usb before the internal drive.

  jamieamunra 09 Jan 13

HI Deedeedee, once in Windows press Windows Key and R then type msconfig now go to startup and disable anysoftware that you do not need to run at startup. Things like Google update, Adobe update and such Apple device, iCloud. Easier way to do it is to download CCleaner . Free bit of software that you can use to change your start-up program list and check your PC for errors.

  deedeedee 09 Jan 13

Thank you, my friends - I disconnected the external hard drive and now it starts normally. Go figure.

  rdave13 09 Jan 13

You'll need to boot to set-up (bios) and change the boot order to your C: drive first so Windows isn't looking at USB connections. That should allow normal booting with the external drive connected.

  deedeedee 09 Jan 13

I'll give it a try, thank you!


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