Store functions not working on various programmes

  doubledispatch 26 Oct 12

This is an internet related problem that has started a few days ago where integral functions of three seperate programmes on my computer have suddenly stopped working. This includes:

  1. The Steam store (which has also prevented me from installing/updating games with an error message saying cannot access store content)

  2. The Gamestop/Impulse store (preventing me from logging in at all - and installing and updating games)

  3. The iTunes store (preventing me from acquiring new music)

I'm using an HP laptop with Windows 7, 64 bit. I'd be more inclined to believe that the issues were with the individual programmes if it weren't for their problems happening simulataneously and only on this laptop - other computers have not been affected. I'm wondering maybe if it's an ISP issue (I've got BT) - though I have taken this laptop to a different house and it's had the same issues, though admittedly the ISP there was also BT.

I've even tried doing a system restore and have taken the laptop to a time before the problems started but that's done absolutely nothing. What gets me is the very specific nature of these issues - because everything else is working fine on my computer - including internet browsing. Is it anything to do with HP perhaps?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment on this matter.

  lotvic 27 Oct 12

Have you tried re-authorising (registering that pc) with the relevant stores?

  rdave13 27 Oct 12

also check your security software isn't blocking them.

  doubledispatch 27 Oct 12

I've just found the error; turns out I was running Internet Explorer through a proxy (presumably how these applications access the net). I didn't notice, however, as I use Firefox, which was not configured for running through a proxy.

Still, thanks for the responses.


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