Startup tune in win 8 where is it?

  simonsup 09 Nov 12

Hi just upgraded to win8 pro from win 7 home, all seems ok apart from I cannot seem to find the startup and shutdown tunes in sounds in control panel, Have they been moved? or don't exist anymore. Secondly when I boot the pc from cold it always displays a blue Resume from Hibernation screen but is ok if I reboot, just happens when i turn on pc in the morning. Thanks.

  denso50 10 Nov 12

Hi Simonsup, Open control panel,go to hardware & sounds, click sound,click sounds,at the bottom left,"Play Windows Starup sound".Also just below are various sounds,you choose loads from there. Hope that helps.

  rdave13 10 Nov 12

When you shut down do you select sleep instead of shut down? I shut down by moving cursor to top right, settings, power and select shut down. In power options I've selected it never to sleep and use the high performance setting.

  simonsup 10 Nov 12

Hi denso50 yeah I looked in sounds in control panel and there are loads like you said but no start up or log on and no shut down or log off tunes that I can see..

Hi rdave13 yes I select shutdown always, like this morning I switched pc on and for a few seconds there was that resume from hibernation screen again but then it seems to boot normally, does not do it on a reboot though. All my power settings are ok, no sleep on everything is set to on permantly.

Apart from these 2 little niggles I am pleased with windows 8.

  rdave13 10 Nov 12

If you right click the sound icon in the system tray and select Sounds from the list you should get a window up with available settings.

  rdave13 10 Nov 12

dr yes , nice one but the Windows start sound is enough for me. Good link though.

  simonsup 11 Nov 12

Thanks for the link dr yes, most helpful, As for the hibernation screen on startup I have solved it ,it is in the power plan settings called fast start, unticked it and it worked. :)


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