start menu

  Ozy 23:13 PM 04 Jul 13

with Windows 8 I use "classic Shell start menu", if I install Windows 8.1 will it do away with Classic shell?, I believe that windows 8.1 start only takes you to the tiles menu, that is no good for me as i do not use the tiles

  sunnystaines 09:35 AM 05 Jul 13


good points looks like i will be able disable this charms margin getting in the way when i access the cornor of the screen.

have i got it wrong or is there no program list in the start menu button, not using the preview download.

  wiz-king 14:40 PM 07 Jul 13

Jock1e I see that the 'designer' of Win 8 has just been re-trenched. I think his latest editions of Office 2010 and Win 8 have been a step too far for consumers. I am not too sure that Office 365 is going to be a great success either. Fine for mobiles but not for the heavy desktop user.

  Ozy 14:52 PM 07 Jul 13

i thought 8.1 would be a full system that icould dual boot with windows 8, then choose which i wanted. but it is just an upgrade that is not possible to uninstall. i hope it is not a compulsory upgrade as i like Classic Shell


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