Start button on Windows 8

  kidbass 18 Nov 12

I heard that there`s no start button on win 8. If so, how can I navigate from the home screen? My computer was a Dell desktop, xp. 32 bit, 1gb ram.

Ugraded to; currently win 7, 64-bit, ram 4Gb, hd 2Tb

The win 8 advisor said my computer is compatible. But I`m curious about the start button. help, thanks.

  rdave13 18 Nov 12

You don't get a start 'button' but an app, lower left corner with mouse pointer, for a Start screen. Right click in that screen and all your 'all programs' are there. To search from that screen then it's right corner with the mouse pointer and you get , search, share, start, devices and settings. Simplicity itself. I can't fathom out why anybody would use a third party software just to get the 'start' button on the desktop that will only show what you get in the start screen anyway. You can also pin some apps to your desktop's taskbar. Control panel for instance. Win 8, for me, is the best yet from Microsoft though I had my doubts originally.

  kidbass 18 Nov 12

Thanks Jock1e I`ll try.

  Quickbeam 19 Nov 12

'I can't fathom out why anybody would use a third party software'

Because the original start button was developed over time as the gateway to use the computer. It was around so long that it's fair to say that everyone understood it and what they could access from it. It quite simply was ubiquitously the ID of access beyond the surface of Windows as is the phrase 'open sesame' to access caves laden with hidden treasure!

Just dumping the start button as telling us to learn a series of keystroke combinations to access the under the surface settings of Windows is a longwinded poor replacement for something that had developed into a simple, quick and efficient way to alter under the surface workings.

I think that it's fairly safe to say that most of us discovered the inner workings of our computers by idle exploration from the start button. The logical replacement of the start button would be to have a settings access tile from the new Metro screen to access all the deeper settings just as my Kodak printer installed for the printers settings, and similar to accessing the settings on an Android device.

I think an awful lot of people that become the next generation of users only, those that don't talk computers in pubs and join tech forums, will never go beyond the surface due to there being no obvious way in if no one ever tells them the secret key strokes to get there.

  Quickbeam 19 Nov 12

I've just discovered that I can add those tiles to the Metro screen, which I'm doing now and removing the double tiles that require me to sign up to Microsoft srevices.

Isn't it amazing what you can find when you get time to play:)

...But they could have made it more obvious, couldn't they?

  Quickbeam 19 Nov 12

I like it again now without the start button.


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