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  gibber2 16 Dec 12

when I start my omputer I get a black screen with the message "0 seek failure". what do I do to fix this?

  Forum Editor 16 Dec 12

This could be an indication that your computer's hard drive is not set as the first boot device in the BIOS.

Have you recently made any BIOS changes?

If not, are you familiar with the process to make changes in the BIOS? It's a simple enough procedure, but can be a little daunting, the first time you do it. If you need help, post back here, and I (or someone else) will provide step by step instructions.

  gibber2 16 Dec 12

yes i need help setting up

  rdave13 18 Dec 12

TO CHANGE 1ST BOOT DEVICE TO HARD DISK... At Startup press "F2" to enter setup; Arrow down to select "Boot device configuration" - press enter; Arrow down to select "1st boot device" - press enter; Arrow cursor to select "Hard disk" - press enter; Press "F10" to save changes; Select "Y" for yes to confirm saving changes; Press "esc" to go to main menu.

  gibber2 18 Dec 12

Hi thanks for the advice but didn't work as it keeps going back to the same message "0 seek faiure" If I push F1 the computer will finish start


  rdave13 18 Dec 12

Does a floppy drive show in the bios? If so disable it. If you've changed the cmos battery lately it might have reset the bios and enabled the floppy controller.

  gibber2 19 Dec 12

Where do I find the bios and no I have not changed the battery as the computer is a dell stand alone


  rdave13 19 Dec 12

I don't use Dell PCs so found this link which may be useful. It sounds as you missed getting to the bios. It should show up on the post screen, briefly, which key to tap at booting. First, try setting the hard drive as first boot then use the key/keys to save and exit. Hopefully someone with a Dell PC can offer more advice.

More info here.


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