moodypants 27 Jan 13

how to dp I clear up local disk space

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

Do you mean your C: drive is nearly full?

  moodypants 27 Jan 13

yes my c; drive my hard drive has loads of space but cant delete of my local disk

  moodypants 27 Jan 13

sorry my hard drive is full I have loads of space on my local disk but not sure how to delete from the hard drive to freee it from space

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

That does not answer my question.

How big is your C: Local Disk drive in GB's?

How much spare space has it got left?

Is the harddrive in your pc (or is it a laptop?) partitioned? If so what are the partitions (D: E: ?) and how many GB's is each partition?

Is your data (My Documents) folder on the C: local disk

Do you have any other separate internal harddrives? (inside the pc tower)

What is the make and model of your pc/laptop?

Are you getting any messages pop up, if so what do they say?

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

Note: you need to refer to harddrives or partitions with their letter, C: D: E: F: etc it is no good just calling them 'local disk' as that just means the drive does not have it's own name.

  moodypants 27 Jan 13

local disk space (D:) free 164gb os(c:) hard drive 36.0 free space from 60gb I have a dell inspiron 1545 laptop my documents is on the c: drive I don't have any pop ups coming up on the laptop

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

You seem to have plenty of space left if you still have 36GB spare from 60GB on C: however if D: is empty and not used -

You could move your My Documents folder permanently to D: if you wanted to.

and also


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