sp1 wont install

  1973scotty 19 Mar 09

hi can anyone help sp1 wont install, it gose threw all the the motions. it gets to the end & says cant install sp1 reverting to prv settings.

  gazzaho 20 Mar 09

The first thing I would check is the hardware drivers, make sure ALL your hardware drivers are up to date, even obscure ones. As far as I'm aware SP1 won't even be offered through Windows Update if your system doesn't have all the required hardware drivers, if you downloaded the standalone version of SP1 rather than through Windows Update then hardware drivers could be your problem, as far as I know the standalone version doesn't check for drivers.

  1973scotty 20 Mar 09

where can you get the stand alone pack

  Pine Man 20 Mar 09

The last thing you need is the standalone pack. If the windows update pack doesn't work you'll have all sorts of problems if you try using the standalone version.

What gazzaho means is that the windows update pack is tailored specifically for the drivers etc on your PC whereas the standalone pack is not driver specific and is an attempt, with an extremely large file, to fit any PC.

  gazzaho 21 Mar 09

I found this article with google. Read through it, it suggests running Check Disk and System File Checker before running the update click here

  gazzaho 21 Mar 09

I found another article that may help click here sorry that's the best I can do.

  Sea Urchin 21 Mar 09

So did you get it to install OK - I notice you have marked it as resolved


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