Sound playing through speakers and headphones

  wickerman999 25 Jun 13

Hi everyone,

I am sure this has been done a 1000 times and I am sorry to ask again. I have a win 8 laptop with IDT codec as the default sound playback. I have noticed that sound is playing through the headphones (when plugged into the jack) and the integral speakers on the laptop. When you go into the sound menu it says speakers and headphones but doesn't give any options to change it.

I have tried deleting the diver and reinstalling (didn't work) restoring the laptop to a previous state (didn't work) and now it is really annoying. Any other tips?

Many thanks

  Chronos the 2nd 25 Jun 13

Have a look here. Microsoft.

  rdave13 25 Jun 13

If you right click the speaker icon in the system tray, select playback devices, right click on the headphones and select as default device. You'll need the headphones plugged in to do this. It should now show a green tick on it and the speakers should now be mute. Remove the headphones and now the speakers should take over. Sometimes you'll need to make the headphones as the default device again as Win 8 sometimes forgets. This happens to me when I change from HDMI output to headphones.

  wickerman999 25 Jun 13

Hi rdave,

Thanks for that. When I plug my headphones in I do not see another icon appear or disappear when I take them out.

They seem to be connected to the same icon as the integral speakers "speakers and headphones".

Any other ideas?

  rdave13 25 Jun 13

If you right click a blank space on the playback pane, is the box ticked for " show disconnected devices"?

  wickerman999 25 Jun 13

Yes it is Rdave. Right click and you choose what is shown but my headphones are not there.


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