sound has stopped working

  Smokeyone 22 Oct 09

After one of Int Exp messages about not working
and close all programmes the sound stopped working. Everything else seems okay and I do not think it's loose wires/speakers etc as under control panel in testing sounds I can still get the bing type sound but no audio from cd's etc.

  sunnystaines 24 Oct 09

delete and reinstall driver.

check sound icon is not muted by right clicking sound icon in lower right of screen by clock.

check speaker leads, and sound card not come loose.

check device manager for any yellow or red warning icons.

  Smokeyone 24 Oct 09

Re-installed driver
Sound icon not muted
Speaker leads okay - sound card not loose
No warning icons in device manager

However update on testing sounds - only speaker
test sounds work not win beep sounds.
Just control panel/manage audio devices/speakers/configure/test...this is the only sound

  sunnystaines 24 Oct 09

in properties of sound hardware - go via device manager and right click.

check the digital box is ticked.

if you have reltek onboard sound my experience is they are nothing but hassle and your better getting a creative sound card, or if your monitor is HDMI a ATI HD graphic cards which includes sound too.

  mrwoowoo 24 Oct 09

Go into the bios to check if your onboard sound has been disabled automatically,which can happen.
Should look for AC97 codec or similar.

  Smokeyone 24 Oct 09

Box is ticked but could it be the "reltek" playing up !!

  sunnystaines 25 Oct 09

do you have the latest realtek driver?

I have had trouble with onboard realtek loads of times and advised on getting a sound card,then disable onboard sound in the bios.

is your realtek ac97 or hd audio?

  Smokeyone 25 Oct 09

Onboard sound had been disabled automatically in the bios - realtek ac97 - never thought of looking in the bios - and why should it do it by itself - another vista mystery

  sunnystaines 25 Oct 09

glad to see you got a happy ending to that one.


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