slow startup on windows 8

  Petesilver 14:54 PM 20 Jan 13

can anyone advise me why it takes so long for W8 to boot up. I have just upgraded my laptop from W7 everything seems to be working fine except boot uo takes so long. My laptop is a HP compaq nx6125 2gb memory, 50gb HDD,(with 30 free)processor is AMD turion 64. Apart from this all went very well. Regards

  aquatarkus 16:43 PM 20 Jan 13

Is the slow start up the 1st time you have booted to Win8 since the upgrade or is it just slow to boot since the upgrade every time you start.

Not a fan of upgrading my self always prefer a clean install, I know it means that all your programs etc. will have to be reinstalled but its much less problematic than an upgrade.



  Petesilver 18:26 PM 20 Jan 13

perhaps I was expecting something better than before but it is almost the same as W7 I just timed this boot up and it took 3 minutes so I suppose its not that bad. The hard drive is a 60gb with over 3ogb free and I do install very much on this laptop so its unlikely I will be using much more, Thank you for all your comments much appreciated


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