slmgr.vbs re arm, you now have the max number of rearms

  andy63walsh 10:54 19 Jan 13

I tried to slmgr.vbs -rearm, it normally works, but now I get a message: Error 0xc004D307 - the maximum number of rearms has been exceeded you must reinstal OS system before trying to rearm. Any ideas?

  lotvic 17:44 19 Jan 13

The message is self explanatory. Have you thought about buying a Product Key.

  andy63walsh 08:05 21 Jan 13

got it secondhand and the guy said just do it now and then

  lotvic 16:11 21 Jan 13

You are running an unactivated copy of your Windows Op Sys in Evaluation mode.

You may find the info on to be of use and you can legally d/load W7 SP1 from the list on the page (scroll down to the 2nd panel for EnglishUSA) and make your own DVD to try out before you purchase a product key. (no user input is needed when you click on the .iso to download it is a direct link and the file d/loads)

This is what you have been doing (info from my link)

"Reset the evaluation timer. After 30 days of evaluation, you can reset the evaluation timer by opening the command prompt in admin mode, and typing in the command "slmgr -rearm". You can repeat this procedure up to 3 times, so your evaluation time will be 120 days altogether"


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