Sims 2 Nightlife Install

  ßoolian 17:04 08 Dec 07


I am trying to install Sims 2 Nightlife on my vista ultimate laptop. There is an issue that is preventing me from installing it. It is fine until it asks you to select the install location. I select the default location (tried a different location in advanced) and when I click on next a window comes up saying 'Do you want to quit the installation?'

Any Help Welcome

  Devil Fish 20:59 09 Dec 07

have you installed the original sims 2 game night life is an expansion pack and requires it to run

  MCE2K5 21:40 09 Dec 07

It's an expansion Pack. click here

  ßoolian 17:00 10 Dec 07

I had already installed original and university. Anyway I reinstalled windows, one reason of which was that. Several other things were going wrong at the same time. Closed thread.

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